The Unmind Index is an assessment of your general wellbeing – measuring your mood and behaviour over a period of two to four weeks.

The Unmind Index is located within the 'Insights' section of Unmind.

Select the 'Average Index' square.

Click 'Record New Unmind Index'

The Unmind Index complements the Check-In tool which is a recording of the specific feelings and emotions you are experiencing at a given time. 

Emotions and feelings can be triggered by specific events and often dissipate quickly, whereas your wellbeing changes more gradually. It can still be affected by specific events but it takes time for events to influence your wellbeing. 

As with the Check-In tool, recording and reflecting on your mood and wellbeing helps raise emotional self-awareness, which in turn, allows us to regulate our emotions more easily when we need to. This can mean less impact from stress and anxiety, helping us to be our best selves in our personal and professional lives. Additionally, developing the habit of doing regular Indexes improves our self-monitoring – an important component of successful behaviour change.

We recommend that you complete an Unmind Index every month to give you maximum insight.

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