All information in this article is valid as of October 2018 – reviewed on date shown above.

How do I download and use the app?

  • The app is available on iOS and Android devices (click here to see which versions/devices are supported)
  • Visit your app store and search ‘Unmind’
  • Enter your organisation's Unmind URL (example: if the website address is the 'organisation's Unmind URL' will be: company)
  • Sign-in using your registered email and password


If you need help with the Unmind app, please head to this article.

What are the benefits of downloading the app?

You can access everything as normal but with some added bonuses – helping to make life simpler:

  • Quick access – you just need to click the Unmind icon on your home screen and sign-in.
  • Download Tools and use them offline (handy for your commute and when you’re out and about).
  • Check-in and record your mood – whenever the moment strikes you (your entry will be recorded and synced when you’re back online).
  • Anytime SOS information, whenever you need (even if you’re stranded on an island).

We love feedback and as this is a new feature for Unmind (as of February 2018), we want to check you're having the best possible experience – so please do let us know if you spot any oddities or areas for improvement at

'Appy Unminding

P.S. – At Unmind, we take data privacy very, very (VERY) seriously and adhere to the most rigorous security standards. Your personal information is 100% confidential and safe with Unmind.

If you’re having further issues, please contact and provide as much detail as possible (including your name, organisation, and any additional details that may help us investigate).

Our office hours are 9:00-18:00 UK time, and we aim to respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

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