The Check-In and Index are the two features of the Unmind platform that allow you to monitor your mood and track your progress, so you can gain insight into changes in your wellbeing over time.  

Unmind’s Check-In tracker helps you monitor your mood and increase your awareness around your own emotional wellbeing day-to-day. It’s easy to use and can help you spot trends and patterns in how you feel over time. A daily Check-In will allow you to carve out some time for your mind, reflect on your mood and consider what might be affecting it. It’s also a great way to jot down some thoughts so you can start to pin down the causes of any mood changes - whether good or bad - and it's easily accessible in your Insights.

Within Insights, you’ll find the Unmind Index - a clinically valid measurement tool that gives you a roadmap of your overall wellbeing. While the Check-In captures daily fluctuations in your feelings, the Unmind Index measures your overall wellbeing, painting a picture of how you've been over the previous weeks. 

By completing an Index, you'll see how you're faring over the domains of calmness, happiness, sleep, coping, health and energy. Based on your scores, you'll see which areas need the most attention and we'll give you personalised recommendations for the Tools and Series that are likely to be of most benefit to you.  Month to month, you can track your Index scores so you'll empower yourself with more knowledge on how to maximise your wellbeing and get the most out of the Unmind platform. 

In your Unmind Insights section you'll find a dashboard containing all your Index and Check-In data, so you can view your mood progression over a week, a month, or all the way back to when you first started Unminding! Insights also helps you keep track of how many Series segments and Tool minutes you’ve completed, and you can see any Praise you've received in there too. 

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