First things first, what's Praise?

Praise is a feature on the Unmind platform that allows you to send a message of praise to your colleagues. So if someone always has your back when you need to laugh off a busy day, or if someone's just proved themselves a great team player, let them know!

The aim of Praise is to foster attributes linked to positive mental health, as a means to increase the wellbeing of those both giving and receiving praise.

Just click on the Avatar on the right hand side of your Unmind account and select Praise from the menu! What's more, you can send Praise to anyone in your organisation, whether they've registered to Unmind or not.

Select qualities that you'd like to praise a colleague for. There are general attributes that can be applied to relationships between colleagues. You can also add a message before sending the praise if you wish to add something more personal.

You (and the users you sent it to) can then access a summary of their Praise activity via the Insights tab.

Reminder: You can choose to opt-out of the Praise directory
if you would prefer not to receive Praise.

To send, there are two options: 

- you can find an Unmind user by searching their name in the list

- you can enter the email address of anyone in the organisation, whether they’re registered to Unmind or not! The Praise will be sent to them via email.

Note: If you can't find Praise on the platform, it could be because your organisation opted-out of this feature.

Does the email tell you who sent the Praise?

Yes! Praise is the only feature on Unmind that's not completely anonymised - but no one except you and the person receiving Praise will know you've sent it!

To read more about the benefits of Praise and what it does to your wellbeing, click here.

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