Android no longer provide security support for versions below Android Marshmallow (version 6.0) which means that we are unable to provide a secure platform for users who do not have at least this version. If you are using Android Marshmallow, please access the Unmind website using your browser (you can always save the link as a thumbnail to your home screen for ease).


If you are registering via the app, please ensure that you've typed in your organisation's unique URL correctly. For example if your website URL is: then the entry would be 'company'.

Please register using your Work Email or Employee/Payroll ID (depending on what your organisation's access method is).

Complete all of the steps, click the confirmation link in the email and login.

If you can't login but have done everything correctly, please try the following:

'Kill' the app by double-tapping your home button and swiping up to stop the application running. Then try to login again. 

If this doesn't work, please uninstall the app and reinstall to try again.


Make sure you are running the latest version of the app by going to your app store and running any updates. You can also select to auto-update your apps if preferable.

N.B. The Unmind app is updated regularly to not only provide fantastic improvements but to keep it secure and reliable for our users. 

If you’re still stuck, please contact and provide as much detail as possible (including your name, organisation, and any additional details that may help us investigate).

Our office hours are 9:00-18:00 UK time, and we aim to respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

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