In short, your employer has no access to any information that can identify you as an individual - they can only see summaries of information grouped together from everyone who is using Unmind in your organisation.

To be precise, here is a breakdown of what information your employer is able to see for each part of our platform:

When you register with Unmind, you will need to provide some form of identification to prove that you belong to your organisation. This may be a work email address, payroll number or employee ID. In any case, this information - and all other personal information related to your Unmind account - sits within our database, which your employer has no access to.

We provide your employer with a total number of people who have registered only.

Your employer has no insight into your interactions with our chat bot.

We provide your employer with an anonymised breakdown of what the most popular Tools are, and when people are using them most. We also tell them the total time people have been spending on Series, along with the average differences between the questionnaires we ask at the beginning and end of each Series.

At no point can your employer see what Tools and Series you are using, nor do they have any insight into the interactions you’ve had with our chat bot whilst using our Tool/Series.

For Check-Ins, we provide your employer with the average mood of your organisation, along with the most common feelings. For Unmind Indexes, we provide your employer with an average Index score only.

If there are not enough people completing an Unmind Index in your organisation, then we do not provide your employer with any stats on Indexes to avoid information being traceable back to a specific person.

Your employer has no insight into the comments you’ve written on your Check-Ins.

We provide your employer with a breakdown on how much Praise has been sent overall within your organisation and the most common Praise values sent.

When you register, your name will appear by default in our Praise directory. This means anyone in your organisation will be able to search for you in order to send you Praise. If you don’t want to appear in our Praise directory, you can disable this by going to Settings > Profile & Account.

Your employer has no insight into the content of the Praise that you’ve sent or received.

Why do we provide this information?
The information that we provide helps your employer understand how people within your organisation are engaging with Unmind. This then helps them to make proactive decisions in improving the mental wellbeing of you and your fellow colleagues.

We would not do this if it meant compromising your privacy and confidentiality. That’s why all the information we provide is anonymised and aggregated, which is to say that your employer is unable to identify you or how you are using Unmind.

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