There may come points in your Unmind journey where you disclose some pretty tough feelings, and understandably so - we believe it's healthy to acknowledge and understand how you're feeling, and reaching out can help you feel less alone.

💬 Help through the platform

While all the information you share with us is confidential, there are certain pre-determined triggers within Unmind that will cause Zeno to guide you to relevant content and/or external services via the Help section. These include:

  • Scoring low on your Index

  • Raising certain issues in conversation with Zeno

🤗 Help via support

The humans that oversee our support channels aren't qualified to give personalised advice, but will similarly make recommendations for further help should you reach out to them. In this case, they themselves may reach out to a member of our Psychology team in order to determine the most appropriate response.

🙋 Finding the help you need

Tough feelings are real, but don't last forever, and there are many ways in which Unmind can help you find your way through them.

If you are in need of support, we recommend:

  • Taking an Unmind Index to see which Tools/Series can help aid your recovery.

  • Visiting the Help section for links to confidential helplines.

  • Contacting your local emergency services if it's life threatening.

If you have any feedback around this, find out how to get in touch with us here.

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