With the launch of Unmind 2.0 you will notice a lot of improvements to the design of our Series, but we've also made some changes to what's inside:

🤔 What's changed?

  • We've updated the content of some Series

  • We've changed the pre- and post-Series questionnaires for some Series

❓ Why have you made these changes?

Since we launched Unmind, we’ve learned a lot about how we deliver our Series in the best possible way. Our content is now more interactive and engaging, and we wanted our earliest Series to be in keeping with our new way of working.

This meant the old outcome measures (calculated from the pre- and post-Series questionnaires) also needed an upgrade, so we’ve redesigned them to ask more questions and dive deeper. This way, you’ll get a better sense of exactly what’s improved for you and see any areas that still need attention.

The newer outcome measures also help us better evaluate each Series to see how well it’s working. We’re always striving to improve our content, so more stringent measures will help us identify any areas that we can improve.

🗂️ Which Series are changing?

  • Intro to Mental Health, Common Problems, Choosing Growth

  • Health Anxiety, Understanding Sleep, Optimise Sleep

  • Beat Procrastination, Social Anxiety, Supporting Others

  • The Art of Listening, Combatting Stress, Ease Perfectionism

  • Getting Gritty, Your Best Self, Positive Parenting

  • Nurturing Friendships, Better Communication, Tackling OCD

  • Growing Gratitude, Talking about Suicide, Transforming Habits

🌗 I’m halfway through a Series, what do I do?

The above Series have been replaced by the new and improved editions. If you started a Series before Unmind 2.0, you will be prompted to restart that Series when you access it for the first time on the new platform.

📊 What about my old outcome scores?

You won’t be able to access your old outcome scores on Unmind 2.0 but don’t worry – they still exist! If you want to see your old outcome scores you can request them by emailing support@unmind.com.

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