It's a difficult time for those of us who are tackling new challenges we haven't faced before, and understandably so. Helping yourself to stay well in both mind and body couldn't be more important. 

Support is at hand in many places, including Unmind. Below you'll find a refined selection of  📚Series and 🛠Tools* to help weather this particular storm.  

Dedicated Series

  • 📚 Navigating COVID-19 – Series to manage worry and anxiety, and keep your mood level during these times of change with COVID-19 measures. 

To help keep your body active

  • 🛠 Move & Yoga  – a selection of short, physical exercises. 

  • 📚Food to Boost Mood – packed with nutritional advice to help keep your mood level. 

  • 📚 Eat for Energy - discover the right foods that give you energy and keep you sustained. 

To support a healthy mindset

  • 📚Cultivate Mindfulness - practice being in the moment and distancing yourself from your thoughts.  

  • 📚Activate your Mood - encourages time scheduling of mood boosting activities to keep you connected to your values. 

  • 📚Coping in Hard Times - helps adjust to stressful life events and consider different ways of coping. 

  • 📚Combatting Stress - learn to take a proactive approach in managing the stresses you’re facing. 

To manage existing issues

  • 📚Working with Worry – master strategies to manage worry and learn to tolerate uncertainty. 

  • 📚Health Anxiety – managing excessive worry around health topics. 

To focus away from your usual workplace

  • 🛠Present Moment – find a moment to value being in the present. 

  • 🛠Soundwaves – feel more connected to nature. 

  • 🛠Focus – help to keep focus whilst working from home. 

  • 📚Overcoming Burnout – handling change in workload or losing sense meaning of work. 

  • 📚Understanding Sleep & Optimising Sleep – managing sleep disturbance at a time when you're less active. 


🛠 – Tools, bitesized audio and visual activities for everyday wellbeing.
📚 – Series, interactive programmes to offer expert advice and training.

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