Foundations Training is a new kind of training, designed to equip you with key knowledge on mental health, and skills to support others who are struggling.

Who created the training?

All the content was created by two of our in-house clinical psychologists, Dr Heather Bolton and Dr Kate Daley. They’ve both got a wealth of experience in working with various mental health problems and are very familiar with the current evidence base.

Is this the same as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?

Unmind’s Foundations Training is entirely separate to MHFA, or any other existing training. We’ve created our own unique content, based on what we think is the most important knowledge, and we’ve translated this into a format that we know is engaging and effective. Even if you’ve previously taken part in another mental health training, it’s worth keeping your knowledge up to date, and you might gain additional value from Foundations Training, over and above what you already know.

Can I still do Foundations Training, even if my employer hasn’t asked me to?

Absolutely. We believe that everyone has the right to access good quality training, and we’d encourage you to do it, even if it’s not mandatory for you.

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