We all have mental health and at Unmind we recognise that our experiences are unique. Our homepage now provides you with just that - a tailored experience!

Today's suggestions

When you first view the new and improved Homepage, you will see Today's suggestions. This recommends bitesize content from our Psychology and Content Specialists.

Liked Tools

You will also be able to access your Liked Tools from the Homepage. You can like your favourite Tools using your mobile device by clicking on the heart icon next to your chosen Tool under the Tools section. You can then revisit a list of your Liked Tools on the Homepage. For more information on this feature, please click here.


How are you? The Unmind Index provides you with a safe space to acknowledge how you’ve been feeling over the past two weeks. Using your responses, it helps you to identify the core areas of wellbeing that need the most attention providing you with personalised recommendations for a wellbeing boost. Regularly filling in your Index can help you to practice mindfulness by spotting trends and patterns in your wellbeing.

⚠️ Please note ⚠️

Your answers and information are entirely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Explore Unmind through Series & Tools

Being inundated with information can be overwhelming, you can now explore topics of interest, master new skills with our courses led by world-class experts and immerse in our audio and visual exercises designed to improve your everyday wellbeing.

Please take a look and feel free to reach out for feedback here. We’ll continue to improve the homepage experience as we go.

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