The Today screen of the Unmind Platform

The Today screen displays suggested content organised around your working day, helping us all to flourish at work.

Using Unmind on desktop 🖥️ | Using the Unmind app📱

The Today screen on mobile 📱

Select the first tab of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen:


Focus setting on the Unmind app 👉

On the Unmind mobile app you can personalise your experience using Focus setting. From calmness to performance, you can tailor the content you see on the Today screen to the wellbeing areas you want to focus on.

Go to Your focus, and choose from five wellbeing areas that, when selected, will add extra daily bite-sized recommendations to the Today screen based on a your chosen area:


The Today screen on desktop 🖥

Select the first tab of the toolbar at the top of the screen:


Wellbeing Tracker reminder on web 🔔

On the desktop platform, if it's been more than 2 weeks since you've completed a Wellbeing Tracker, you'll see a prompts at the bottom of the screen for you to complete this. Click the reminder to be taken to the Wellbeing Tracker - please see our article on how to Track your Wellbeing if you'd like more details on this function.

Content suggestions for your work day 🤲

You'll find content suggestions from our team of Psychology and Content Specialists, to help you unwind Before work, During work and After work

Log your mood 😌

From the Today screen you can navigate to the Mood Tracker by clicking Log your mood. Logging your mood can help you monitor your wellbeing over time.


If you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us here.

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