Money and mental health Money and mental health

Money and mental health

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People often see mental and financial wellbeing as separate, but money plays a key part in our mental and emotional life. On the one hand, personal finances can impact our relationships and be a source of stress or anxiety. On the other, developing a healthy relationship with our personal finances can also be a great source of achievement, which in turn can boost our mental wellbeing just as much as our bank accounts.

'Better with Money’ Course

Presented by the Financial Times’ Personal Finance expert, Jason Butler, this course will teach you tried and tested practical steps to improve your financial wellbeing. Jason will guide you in raising your awareness and understanding of the role that money plays in your life and help you establish a healthier relationship with it.

Completing this course can help you: 

💫 Raise your awareness and understanding of the role of money

💫 Understand how it affects your mental wellbeing and general life fulfilment

💫 Take the first steps to improving your overall financial wellbeing

▶ You will find this course in the Unmind platform by navigating to the Explore tab, then selecting the category Grow and the sub-category Grow your Mind

Financial Wellbeing shorts

These 3 videos were created to support our users with money worries and the challenges that may arise during this financial crisis. It features Heather Bolton, Director of Science at Unmind as well as some special guests 

▶ To find them, go to the Explore tab, then select the category Overcome and the sub-category Financial Wellbeing

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During this live virtual panel, Daisy Abbott, Head of Client Solutions at Unmind spoke with Clare Seal, Author and Financial Wellbeing Coach and Julia Biles, Group Head of Wellbeing at Saga.

We discussed how we can smash stigmas, take control of our finances, and together pave the way for more financially healthy workplaces.

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