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Add calendar reminder

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We've listened to your feedback and understand that you often seek more reminders to engage with your mental health. You've expressed a desire to prioritise your wellbeing, but finding time during a hectic workday can be challenging.

We also recognise that while you might start our courses with enthusiasm, it's easy to get sidetracked and forget to complete them.

To address these concerns, our latest update empowers you to set personal reminders. This feature allows you to schedule time for completing courses or revisiting your favorite shorts and tools at your convenience.

Key features

  • Personalised Reminders: You can add reminders to your calendars to complete courses or listen to Daily Boosts.
  • Flexibility: Reminders can be set for a variety of purposes, such as:
    • Setting a weekly 30-minute reminder to progress through a course.
    • Scheduling a daily reminder for the Daily Boost during the morning commute.
  • Compatibility: Add to calendar supports various calendars, including iCal, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • Availability: The feature is currently available on Web.
  • Confidentiality: You have full control over event visibility in your calendar of choice

Setting a reminder

  1. Navigate to a course or daily boost that you would like to set a reminder for and click "Add to calendar".

  2. Select the time and date and repetition interval for your reminder and well as the type of calendar you are adding it to.

  3. Configure event details including privacy in your calendar (example given in Google Calendar).



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