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Unmind for MS Teams

Pete Pete

Unmind's MS Teams integration is designed to seamlessly integrate wellbeing resources and support directly into your daily workflow. It allows you to access a wide range of wellbeing tools, including the wellbeing tracker, manager training, therapy sessions booking, and mental health resources, without leaving the MS Teams application.

Unmind prioritises confidentiality, so anything that you do within the Unmind app on MS Teams remains completely confidential and will not be shared with your employer.

Key benefits

  • Easy access: If your organisation has installed Unmind for MS Teams you can access all of your Unmind benefits directly from the user interface of MS Teams.
  • User authentication: Depending on your organisations settings you can sign in to Unmind using SSO or your username and password.
  • Wellbeing content library: Once logged in you can access Unmind's entire library of wellbeing content, including the wellbeing tracker, manager training, the ability to book therapy sessions, and access to mental health resources and support.
  • Alternate start page: Accessing Unmind via MS Teams allows you to interact with our new start page. You can trial pieces of content, complete wellbeing champions training or get a quick demo of Unmind before registering for full access.


  • Notification bot: Unmind has also introduced a notification bot, which will welcome you upon installation, aid you in activating your Unmind account and guide you through taking advantage of available wellbeing resources.


Getting started

To get started using Unmind in MS Teams, simply open the app from the MS Teams sidebar and either create an account or sign in to an existing one.


Once logged in you will be able to access of your favourite Unmind tools and features - or perhaps find something new!

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