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Get the Unmind app

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Instructions on how to start using Unmind on the go

⚠️ Please note ⚠️
You might not be able to use the Unmind app on your mobile device.
If you're not sure, check here to see if your device is supported.

Downloading the app 📲

The Unmind app is available to download for Android and iOS in the following stores:

Play Store | App Store

Either click on the links above, or search for Unmind in your respective store.

Downloading the app onto work devices ⚙️

If your organisation manages what apps can be downloaded onto your work device through their own app store and you can't find us, please contact your HR team.

How do I get started? 🤔

The following articles will help you get set up with the Unmind app:

If you need any other help with the app, find out how to get in touch here.

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