Webinar | Spotlight on mental health with Dr Alex George Webinar | Spotlight on mental health with Dr Alex George

Webinar | Spotlight on mental health with Dr Alex George

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Rewatch our refreshing discussion with Dr Alex George and Dr Nick Taylor on key mental health topics

Following his recent appointment by the British Prime Minister as Youth Mental Health Ambassador, we were delighted to welcome Dr Alex George for an open and honest conversation on all things mental health.

Hear about Alex's experiences as an NHS doctor during the pandemic, what he envisions for the future of mental health care, and how we can each play our part in prioritising mental health.

7 reflections on the state of mental health from Dr Alex George and Dr Nick Taylor

Stigma is still a barrier to mental health
Societies are still structured in ways that make people feel they can’t speak out about their mental health issues. But problems shared really are problems eased.

Things have got worse – but they’ve also got better
Covid has compromised our physical, social and mental health. But it’s also thrust the topic into the limelight, demanding people pay attention to and invest in their wellbeing.

Carers need care too
Carers are typically purpose-driven and passionate people. But they too often jeopardise their own wellbeing by prioritising others. NHS workers get free access to Unmind at nhs.unmind.com.

Get back to basics
Sleep, exercise, natural light, eating well – investing in the basics will nourish your wellbeing and give you motivation and energy. You’ll never regret making time for these things.

Neurodiversity is coming of age
GCHQ is recruiting people with Dyslexia; Elon Musk is hiring those with Aspergers. The stigma around neurodiversity is lifting, and people are uniting behind their uniqueness.

The narrative needs changing
Think of physical health. Cardio, strength, fitness may spring to mind. Now do the same mental health. Do you think depression, anxiety and stress; or creativity, problem-solving, and laughter?

Let's turn awareness into action
Awareness days can capture imaginations. But let’s make this week a meaningful stepping point to a more mentally healthy future – in work and life.

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