Unmind access for NHS workers Unmind access for NHS workers

Unmind access for NHS workers

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Who is Unmind? 🧐

We believe that everybody has the right to a healthy mind. 

  • We are a workplace mental health and wellbeing platform, empowering employees to measurably improve their mental health. 

  • Using scientifically-backed assessment tools, you can measure and manage your personal mental health needs, including programmes designed to help with stress, sleep, coping and nutrition.

  • We combine latest research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience, and mindfulness with help from clinicians, academics and authors around the world.

Why do I have free access?🔑

It's an uncertain, unpredictable and incredibly difficult time.

  • A great amount of pressure is exerted on our health service, it's now more than ever that you need to look after your mental health. 

  • Looking after your mental health should be easy and convenient, our app is designed to be used anywhere at anytime, no matter what shift you're working. 

  • It's our way of saying 'thank you' for your countless hours of hard work. 

How do I sign up?👤

You can sign up for free at: nhs.unmind.com/signup or by clicking on the link below:

Sign up to Unmind

For any help around sign-up, please first look at the following article. If your email address isn't an option on sign-up, get in touch with us on support@unmind.com

Lastly, if you're prompted to enter your organisation's name, please enter nhs.

We are currently partnered with the NHS to provide free and confidential access until 31st December 2023.


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