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Your new homepage

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A quick introduction to your new personalised Homepage

Daily suggestions 💡

When you first view the new and improved Homepage, you will see Today's suggestions. This recommends bitesize content from our Psychology and Content Specialists.

Favourites ❤️

You will also be able to access your Favourite audios and videos directly from the Homepage. 


Pick up where you left off 📚

You can now see the Courses that you have started/completed all in one place! You will also see your progress for each of your Courses with a % rate to completion.

Click on 'view all' for a summary of your 'in progress' and 'completed' Courses.



Explore Unmind 🔎

Being inundated with information can be overwhelming. You can explore a selection of your topics of interest with our Courses and Shorts led by world-class expert. If you'd like to view the whole selection, you can navigate to the Explore tab. 

Offline access 📶

You can download Shorts to your device that you can then later play when you're without a connection, or looking to use less mobile data. Simply click on the download symbol in the right corner of the thumbnail.


To learn more about Unmind Shorts, check this page.

Explore 🚀

To see more Courses and Shorts, head to the Explore tab and select a category.


Using Unmind on desktop 🖥️ ?

Check this page to see the desktop version of our Homepage.

If you have any questions around this, you can get in touch with us here.