The Explore screen The Explore screen

The Explore screen

Fran Bratt Fran Bratt

The Explore screen of the Unmind platform

Being inundated with information can be overwhelming. You can now explore topics of interest and master new skills with our courses led by world-class experts and immerse in our audio and visual exercizes designed to improve your everyday wellbeing.

The Explore screen is available on both the Unmind mobile app and on the Unmind web platform!

Using Unmind on desktop 🖥️ | Using the Unmind app📱

Explore on your mobile 📱

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Explore on desktop 🖥

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Explore our goals folders 🚀

To see more Courses and Shorts, select one of the 6 goal folders at the top of the Explore screen. Within each folder you'll find a range of sub-categories to dive in to. 

Featured 🤩

Our Featured section recommends bitesize content from our Psychology and Content Specialists, which we update regularly.

New releases 🎊

Stay up to date with our content, you'll find our newest releases here.

Pick up where you left off 📚

View the Courses that you have started/completed all in one place! You will also see your progress for each of your Courses with a % rate to completion.

Click on 'view all' for a summary of your 'in progress' and 'completed' Courses.

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If you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us here.

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