Welcome to Unmind Connect! Welcome to Unmind Connect!

Welcome to Unmind Connect!

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When you log into your Unmind Connect account, you’ll be taken directly to the homepage. Once you’ve completed onboarding, this is where you’ll be able to quickly view any upcoming session bookings, as well as any booking requests you have received from prospective clients. 

Getting started

  • You can navigate around the platform using the left-hand menu:
    • Home
    • Appointments
    • Clients
    • Profile
    • Settings
  • To get started, go the Sales Channel - Unmind Talk page to configure the hours you are available for sessions. 

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Booking Options

  • You can choose to make your calendar directly available for bookings. Clients will not be able to make bookings within 24 hours so you can rest assured that you won’t miss any sessions. Once this has been selected you can set your core working hours. 
  • If you choose not to make your calendar directly bookable, prospective clients will be able to send you a booking request. As well as receiving an email, you’ll also see these requests on the home page.
    • You can choose to book these into your calendar directly from the request
    • Or if you do not wish to take on the client, you can politely decline the request, and send a message to the client to confirm

Managing Appointments

  • You are able to view all of your clients in the Clients page. 
  • The Appointments - Calendar page is where you can create, change and cancel sessions.
  • To create a session, choose an available slot in your calendar, select which video conferencing option you wish to use and add the relevant client. Click save and send an invitation to the client.

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  • Once you’ve scheduled a session you can also add this to your personal calendar. 
  • To change a session, you can drag and drop the slot in the calendar. Otherwise you can click the edit button in the side panel and change the date and time.
  • To cancel a session, you can click the delete button in the top right hand.
  • Once you receive your first session booking, our team will reach out to you for your payment details.

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  • The Profile page is where you can make changes to your client-facing profile that you created during the onboarding process. Please note, this will go through a review by our team before it is published.

Integrations and Settings

  • The Settings page is where you can set up integrations with other accounts like Zoom and Stripe, as well as manage your Connect account.

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If you have any further questions around this, you can get in touch with us here.

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