How to install Unmind within MS Teams How to install Unmind within MS Teams

How to install Unmind within MS Teams

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This article will guide you through step-by-step how to install Unmind within MS Teams for either your entire organization and/or for individual employees. After installing Unmind, your employees will have access to the entire Unmind platform directly from within Microsoft Teams.

Verify your organization 

Before installing Unmind for your organization, please provide your CSM with your MS Teams Tenant ID.

What is a Microsoft Tenant ID? 

It's Microsoft's globally unique identifier. Every organization using MS Teams has one and it is easily accessible by an MS Teams admin.

Why do we need it?

It is required so that we can verify your organization and your employees. 

Where can I find it?
Here's a guide on how your MS Teams admin can locate your Tenant ID. Example of Tenant ID: 4042fb03-59fb-4147-a562-081b4bf5b5cf

Installing Unmind for your entire organization

To being, make sure your IT department, or person/team with MS Teams admin access, has enabled access to the Unmind app within your MS Teams app permissions

  • Sign in to the MS Teams admin centre and access Teams app > setup policies.
  • Enter the Global policy, or whichever policy is relevant for your organization. 

  • Select +Add. 

  • Under Installed app, select Add apps.

  • In the Add installed apps pane, search Unmind. Select Add. 

Pin Unmind to side-pane for entire organization

How to pin the Unmind app for all employees:

  • Sign in to Teams admin center and access Teams apps > Setup policies
  • Under Pinned apps, select +Add apps
  • In the Add pinned apps pane, search for Unmind, then select Add.
  • App will show up under Pinned apps.
  • Arrange the apps in the order you want the apps to appear under the App bar or Messaging Extensions. Click Save

Individual employee download

There are two ways for an employee to install Unmind:

1. From within MS Teams

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 13.04 1.png

  • Select the Apps icon in the left-hand pane
  • Search Unmind from the app store
  • Select Add
  • Sign in or sign up and start exploring Unmind

2. From within your Unmind Account

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 13.03 1.png

  • Sign in to Unmind
  • Navigate to Account > Integrations
  • Click 'Connect to Teams' and follow the install instructions

If you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us here.

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