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The Unmind Index

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The Unmind Index is a powerful measure of wellbeing, designed by specialist clinical psychologists and validated by expert statisticians.


It captures the core areas of wellbeing and helps identify those that need the most attention. Regularly completing an Unmind Index helps you track your progress, spot trends and make informed choices about how to boost your mental wellbeing.

⚠️ Please note ⚠️
It is only possible to take an Index once every two weeks.

Your first Index 👶

Click on Index at the top of your page. Under the Index section, you should see a button saying Record Index.


Subsequent Indexes 🔁

Go to your Insights as above. Under the Index section, you will see your results as well as how many days remain till the next Index will be ready to complete.


How do I see my Index results? 👀

Click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner and go to Insights.


Under the Index section you will be able to see your latest score. To see how your scores have changed over time, click on See details.



On this page, you can click on each of the sections to see how that measure of wellbeing has changed over time. For more information on understanding your Unmind Index results, please read below.

Index scores 💯

Your overall Index score is a percentage between 0% and 100% which gives you an indication of where your wellbeing is at. This score is then broken down into seven sections, each one representing a different core area of your wellbeing.

By regularly taking an Unmind Index, you'll be able to track changes in your wellbeing over time. We'd encourage you to use your scores to reflect on your mental wellbeing and to help inform any changes you'd like to make in order to boost this.

Recommendations 👉

To help you decide where to focus your attention, the Index will give you personalized recommendations for each of the core areas of your wellbeing.

To access your recommendations, simply click on the section you'd like to read.

If you have any feedback around this, find out how to get in touch with us here.


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