Help and Mental Health resources Help and Mental Health resources

Help and Mental Health resources

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How to find Help and Mental Health Resources

You will find information and resources for general, technical, and mental health support in our dedicated Help section.
To access our Mental Health resources, click on Home and the symbol on the right-hand corner next to your name.

Explore on your mobile 📱

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Explore on desktop 🖥


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Internal 🏢

Contains information and resources on wellbeing specific to your company, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), insurance schemes or onsite doctors.

Urgent 🏥

For when you need help now. Contains information on what to do in a crisis, as well as contact details for emergency helplines in your location.

General 🏡

Contains information on wellbeing topics and accessing services, as well as contact details for a variety of support organizations in your location.

Technical Help 🏰

Contains information on technical problems and accessing support.

If you have any questions on the Help section, get in touch with us here.


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