Update: As of January 2023, this feature is no longer available

We are continuously refining and developing the user experience on the Unmind platform to ensure that we are always bringing users the type of experience they’d expect from a consumer platform. Recently, our Product team has been assessing the use and value of the Praise function and have made the decision to retire the function by the end of 2022. 

What was the Unmind Praise feature? 

Praise was Unmind feature allowing you to send compliments to anyone in your life, regardless of whether they are part of your organization. 

Why have we decided to retire the Unmind Praise feature? 🤔

There are a couple of reasons for making this decision. Firstly, most of the companies we work with use their own recognition platform and it can be confusing for employees to have multiple platforms for Praise. We also felt that it doesn’t fit with the rest of the user experience on the Unmind Platform which is more geared towards an individual experience. 

Secondly, Praise is the least used function on the Unmind platform and, by freeing up engineering resources used to maintain Praise, we can further develop other areas of the platform which users are getting more value from. 

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