What does Foundations Training involve? What does Foundations Training involve?

What does Foundations Training involve?

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An insight into the 6 bite-sized, digital interactive programmes called Series that complete Foundations Training

Foundations Training consists of 6 broad topics, delivered through interactive digital programmes called Series. These Series cover various aspects of mental health, and they consist of audio sessions, interactive exercises, and videos of real people talking about their personal experiences. Every Series is accompanied by its own handbook too.


Here’s a breakdown of the Series:

1. Intro to Mental Health

Your broad introduction to the topic of mental health. Explore the multifaceted causes of mental health problems, address stigma and evaluate the construct of diagnosis.

2. Common Problems

A spotlight on depression, anxiety disorders and stress. Recognise symptoms, understand what it feels like, and gain an overview of options for support and intervention.

3. Complex Problems

Understand, recognise symptoms and gain perspective on more severe problems like psychosis, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self-harm and addictions.

4. Supporting Others

Develop your skillset on initiating supportive conversations and understand the limits of where you can and can't be expected to help.

5. Talking About Suicide

Spot warning signs, feel equipped to ask others about suicidal thoughts, and understand the expectations of your role versus that of a professional.

6. Mental Health At Work

Reflect on your workplace and consider how you can contribute to a mentally healthy workplace, no matter what level of seniority or tenure.

Do I have to do the Series in this exact order?

You don’t have to but we’d highly recommend completing them in this order, as each Series builds upon the one that came before it.