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How to keep your favourites in one place

If you are using the Unmind app, you can like your favourite Shorts that you can then later access from your Homepage.

How do I like a Short ? ❤️

You can like individual Shorts by tapping the heart icon that will appear when playing it.


Where are my Favourites stored? 🤔

You can now find your Favourites shorts by tapping the Heart icon next to your name on the Home screen.

This will open the folder where all your Favourite Shorts are stored.


Top tip! 

Download your Favourite Shorts for easy access offline!

Offline access 📶

You can download Shorts to your device that you can then later play when you're without a connection, or looking to use less mobile data. Simply click on the download symbol in the right corner of the thumbnail.

How do I remove a Short from my Favourites?️ 🗑️

To remove individual shorts from your selection, open it and click on the white heart icon until it's colourless.


If you've got any questions about this, you can get in touch with us here.


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