Webinar | The Great Pause: reframing the menopause - for good Webinar | The Great Pause: reframing the menopause - for good

Webinar | The Great Pause: reframing the menopause - for good

Chen Jean-Tavernier Chen Jean-Tavernier

Re-live our enthusing discussion about shining a more positive, empowering light on the menopause

It's time to change the way we think about 'the change'.

In celebration of World Menopause Day, we hosted a webinar with menopause experts Rebekah Brown, founder of MPowder, and Debbie Edwards, founder of The Gentle Leader.

They walk through the foundations of menopause, what to expect, when to expect and how we make it an empowering movement for all.



What you can find on Unmind

  • "Understanding Menopause" Series
    Series > Health > Understanding Menopause
  • Fireside chat with Rebekah "Talking about Menopause"
    Tools > Firesides > Talking about Menopause

Resources from Debbie & Rebekah

  • The Great Pause: a supportive, takeaway transcript from the webinar
  • Learning about menopause: Look to Newson Health's information resource section for accurate, medical guidance on menopause.
  • Tracking your symptoms: Balance App is a great place to start. It has a symptom tracking tool but also lots of valuable content and support. We also recommend The Menopause Support website which has letter templates and also a downloadable symptom tracker document that you can take into your doctor surgery if you're struggling to get the support you need.
  • Nourishing the body and mind: Head to MPowder's journal for tips on nutrition, as well as tips from experts across many different disciplines on taking care of your body and mind during midlife. Our consultants page showcases some of our favourite experts working in this field offering everything from advice on functional medicine, to acupuncture, life coaching, moving with your cycle and more. Clarity App is a mindfulness app specifically for menopause.
  • Reframing midlife: look to some of the emerging insta-accounts for new narratives on midlife and beyond. We love @menopausewhilstblack, @and.bloom and the @themiddleagedgoddess as starters. And Bolder, by Carl Honore is a great read for confounding accepted narratives around ageing.
  • Learning about your cycle: Look to Abi Adams of Project Woman, as well as the work of Stacy Sims.
  • Learning about female health: Look to work by charity, Wellbeing of Women for information insights into research that is happening now.

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